Servizi Investigativi S.r.l.
Servizi Investigativi S.r.l. is also:
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The institute “SERVIZI INVESTIGATIVI s.r.l.” was established by Andrea Ariola in 1989 and holds regular licences granted by the Ancona Prefecture to carry out investigations in the civil and penal fields.

In 2004 it obtained the quality system certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and 2000 standards.

It carries out investigation duties, informative activities, intelligence and searchings for the industrial security of companies, banks and private individuals, as well as in Italy and abroad in observance of the international regulation in force.

Training and refreshing courses are carried out, so as to train the staff (executive agents) and prove their professional skill constantly.

The institute makes use of highly sophisticated devices to perform its professional duties and is always abreast of any new technological product which may be useful to keep the quality standard of the performed tasks in relation to the existing market offers.

The investigative and intelligence service abroad is performed all over the world.

In the last years, in order to satisfy a clear need of customers,

Servizi Investigativi has a strong partneship with Emmesse Group S.r.l., which is operating in the security section, too.

Servizi Investigativi S.r.l.
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